Being a handcraft jeweler, I also do many jewelry repairs for many customers when possible. In some rare cases, I will tell the customer that I don't think that it is possible to repair a piece back to it's original state depending on the damage. I believe in being totally honest with my customers and I do not promise something I don't think I can deliver. This also is true concerning my judgement when determining the repairability of a piece. In many cases, I might suggest totally redesigning the piece using most of the existing materials and then some to ensure a quality end product that will last for years to come and that the customer will enjoy wearing.

If you have a piece of jewelry that you love that requires repairs, then contact me via email or directly by phone and we can discuss the repair/redesigning process, the price & the time it will take to repair/redesigning the item & have it shipped back to you.

 In cases where I feel that the work is beyond my scope of expertise, I may even refer you to another jeweler that specializes in a specific type of repair or jewelry making at a more cost effective rate then I might be able to offer you.


Thomas Troy Dent
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