Necklaces 3
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Stunningly Beautiful African Sodalite, Pearl & Sterling Silver Necklace



Here we have a Beautiful Necklace made with Blue & White Freshwater Pearls and a stunning and bold oval African Sodalite drop pendant. If you like bold and blue, you’re going to love wearing the statement necklace. The Oval African Sodalite drop pendant measures 2” x 1.5” and is a lovely deep blue with whispers of white matrix. (Necklace is 18” in length) - Click on pictures to enlarge!

Price - $170.00

Black Coral, Freshwater Pearl & Sterling Silver Necklace



This Exotic Necklace is made with Long Black Branch Coral spaced with 2 Shades of Purple Freshwater Pearls. Looking for a true Statement Necklace that will turn heads?…well, you’ve found it. This is one of the Most Exotic Necklaces I’ve ever created and it Screams High Fashion. The Claps is a
Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp. (Necklace Length – 18”) - Click on pictures to enlarge!

Price - $146.00

Round Overlapping Lentil Mother of Pearl Disc & Sterling Silver Necklace


Always one of my Best Sellers! Every time I make one of these for my Booth
Inventory, it sells during the first day of the show I display it in. I also sell
a fair amount of these Beautiful Necklaces off my website. Because of the
way these Ivory Colored Mother of Pearl Disc Overlap, the Necklace always
lays Perfectly when worn. The Mother of Pearl Disc have a Fair amount of
Luster. I used a Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp to finish this Awesome
Necklace off. (Necklace Length – 18”) - Click on picture to enlarge!

Price - $105.00

South Sea Shell Pearl, Freshwater Pearl & Huge Paua Shell
Sterling Silver Necklace




This one is quite a Statement Piece with the Huge Paua Shell Drop Pendant. Note the Rainbow Colors in the Shell. I used Large 12mm South Sea Shell Pearls spaced with Peacock Colored Freshwater Rice Pearls and then I add this Huge & Stunning Paua Shell, which measure approximately 6” around. 

Envision this…You’re going to a Formal Black Tie Event. You’re wearing an Elegant Black strapless Gowned along with this Statement Piece around your neck in a Choker Length as you walk in and every women there turns to see in envy at how you’ve just stolen the night.  Just imagine the looks on all those other women’s faces.


I used a Hammered Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp. The Necklace measures 17 ½” in Length, but can be shortened to an appropriate Choker Length at no additional charge. - Click on pictures to enlarge!


Price - $540.00 

Freshwater Pearl, Fossil Stone & Sterling Silver Necklace 
with Scallop Shell Drop Pendant




This is a more Earthy Pearl & Scallop Shell Necklace. I combined Beige Potato Shaped Freshwater Pearls & Tiny Mustard Colored Fossil Stone & then added a Beautiful Yellow Scallop Shell Drop Pendant. Totally Unique and a true One-Of-A-Kind Necklace. The Lobster Clasp is Sterling Silver.
(Necklace Length – 18”) - Click on pictures to enlarge!

Price - $92.00

Bold Puffy Round Green Turquoise, Pearl & Sterling Silver Necklace



Here we have a Puffy Round Olive Green Turquoise Necklace. I space each of these stones with small round White Freshwater Pearls to elevate the look of this necklace and to bring more focus to the Turquoise. I also finished this necklace off with a Sterling Silver extender chain and then a Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp. If you like earth, bold Statement Pieces, this one is for you. (Necklace is 17" - 18" in Length) - Click on pictures to enlarge!

Price - $156.00